What devices can I use to access KWL?

KWL Apps can run on a wide range of devices/platforms.


We highly recommend using the KWL App for optimal experience. iPads running iOS 14 and above can install the KWL App from the App Store. Click here to be redirected to the App Store.

Other Devices:

All other devices can use the KWL Web App to access KWL. The Web App (app.kwl.com.au) support details are below:


  • Google Chrome (recommended)
  • Mozilla Firefox (recommended)
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari1

1 These browsers do not support offline access of KWL Content. In order to access KWL content when offline, please use one of the recommended browsers.

"Other KWL Offerings" - What is this?

Each user is given entitlements to specific KWL Digital Secondary content that corresponds with the needs and wishes of the school. The KWL “Other Offerings” section simply informs the user of the other year level titles that are available to the school students and staff.

If you have reason to believe that you have not been given access to all titles that you need, please make contact with your school Religious Education Leader.

Do you have KWL Digital for Primary students?

Yes. As of 2019, KWL Digital is available for Primary schools, offering Prep to Year 6 content.

Visit the KWL digital primary page for more information.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes. It can be viewed here – https://www.kwl.com.au/docs/privacy-policy.php


How do the students and staff access KWL Digital?

Once you have ordered, supplied school data and nominated a notification date, your students and staff will be sent an email with the account username and password and links to the iPad app and Web app. They then simply click the link and use the supplied access credentials to login. It’s very straightforward.

Using the KWL App - Preview

I just received my access credentials email, where do I start?

Select the KWL App from the email. For iPads download the app from the app store.

Enter your username and password to sign in.

The home screen contains all available content.

Select from the section covers.

Select start reading or view the section contents.

Navigating the KWL app?

Almost all our navigation is located in the left sidebar as well as previous and next located at the end of each section.

Selecting the ? icon with display information on what each button does.

You can navigate to different content via the home screen or the menu (top-left).

Selecting Search will allow you to navigate directly to a section or topic.

What are all the buttons on the sidebar and do they have keyboard shortcuts?

Menu – Navigate Contents, favourites, notes and app settings.

Search – Find search terms across our content. Ctrl + Alt + S.

Full Screen – Declutter your screen, best for laptops and smaller screens.

Font Sizes – Adjust fonts to your preference.

Next & Previous – Navigate through sections. Ctrl + Alt + > – Next, Ctrl + Alt + < – Previous.

Share – Send a link of this content. Ctrl + Alt + L.

Favourite – Save this content to your favourites. Ctrl + Alt + F.

Help – Information based on current view. Ctrl + Alt + H

How can I make annotations?

To make a note or annotation simply select/highlight the word or more.

An annotations button will appear, select this.

Enter your comments and press save.

The highlight will remain where you have made any comments.

Where do I find my favorites and previous annotations?

Select the menu button (top-left) this will open the menu displaying the content in KWL.

Across the top are three buttons. Content, Favourites and Notes.

Select from these to display the relevant content.

You can also remove Favourites or Notes individually by selecting the cross on each entry.

Notes can be exported by selecting the Download Annotations button.


What is the price of KWL Digital?

KWL Digital Secondary accounts are $9 per student.

KWL Digital Primary accounts are $7 per student.

All KWL Digital accounts remain the same price regardless of multiple year level access.

Can I get a quote for KWL?

If you require a quote please email us at support@kwl.com.au, please include the number of items you require and the delivery address, alternatively you can fill out an order form to find out the cost.

What content is available on KWL Digital?

‘To Know, Worship & Love’ (KWL) is available now in Digital form for both Primary and Secondary schools. Year level content ranges from Prep up to Year 11 & 12.

If I choose KWL Digital will I get all the same content as the printed edition?

Yes and much more!

The KWL Web App and iPad App now have…

  • Offline syncing of content with Chrome or Firefox browsers (iPad app is ‘shipped’ with all content)
  • Works on Windows & Macs*
  • Search – and year level filtering
  • Easily Share links to content
  • Favourites
  • Annotate content with study notes – and export all annotations
  • Font size zooming
  • Use any device – any size monitor – any resolution – any size window with our responsive layout
  • Interactive content to deepen level of engagement with the resource
  • Enrichment Resources (interactive expansions of existing book themes)
  • All content updates added seamlessly ‘on the fly’.

We’re listening to your feedback and constantly working to improve the your experience.

* Use of Chrome browser is strongly recommended

Can I trial KWL Digital before purchasing?

Yes. We welcome and invite new schools and organisations to trial our KWL Digital resources in order to discern if it is suited to your school. We offer a one year trial for both student and staff members free of charge. Please contact our office or fill out an order form, stipulating a request for a trial in the comments section. We request that an IT contact is listed on the form in the case the need arise for liaison.

I don’t have exact numbers of students yet, can I order with approximate numbers?

Yes you can order with approximate numbers. We can correct the numbers later from the school data you supply us with.

Can my students have access to other year level content?

Yes. By default, each year level will be allocated their corresponding year level content. And any year 11s & 12s are given both ‘Catholic Studies’ & ‘Catholic Ethical Thinking’. However, we can supply multiple year level content to specific year levels upon your request for no extra charge. i.e Year 7 having access to year 7 & 8 content. We ask you to specify multiple year level content access in the order form. If not supplied there, you can inform us in subsequent correspondence or in your school student and staff data spread sheet.

Our school is in NSW. What access are our students given?

Given the changes in the RE curriculum in the Sydney Archdiocese, we’ve agreed to supply all students in NSW Catholic Secondary schools with the following…

  • Year 7 – have access to Year 7 & 8
  • Year 8 – have access to Year 7, 8, 9 & 10
  • Year 9 – have access to Year 9 & 10
  • Year 10 – have access to Year 9 & 10

What Enrichment Resources have you published?

In purchasing KWL Digital for your school, you will be given access to specific Enrichment Resources that correspond to the year levels you have ordered for. Details below…

KWL Enrichment Resource Year Level Access
Elements of Belonging Years 7 & 8
Origins of the Liturgical Calendar Years 7,8,9 & 10
Human Experience of Reconciliation Years 8,9 & 10
The Challenge of the Reformation Years 9 & 10
Church Councils: The Changing Church Years 9 & 10

I’ve ordered KWL Digital, what happens now?

If you’ve ordered KWL Digital, we will send you an email asking you to supply us with your school data. We will also ask you to nominate a date when you want students and staff notified (emailed) with their access credentials and instructions. If you’re ordering for the first time, you may wish to forward RE Staff data to us immediately after you’ve placed your order so your staff can familiarise themselves with the resource prior to the start of the new school year.

How do I supply data?

The data needs to be supplied to us preferably in an Excel spread-sheet. (you can also supply a CSV file if you wish) You can use the Excel data template or your own file. Either way, you need to provide the following information:

  • Student/Staff First Name
  • Student/Staff Surname
  • Student Email (must be school based)
  • Student Year Level (or ‘Staff’)
  • Generic School Password (or individual passwords)

Staff are given access gratis.

When do I get my invoice?

KWL Digital Orders – Once we have received all the student data we will adjust the numbers and bill you accordingly, this will generally be in March unless otherwise requested.

Textbooks – You will receive an invoice when your order has been dispatched.

When do I have to pay?

KWL Digital Order – we will invoice you after all the student and staff data has been received, this will generally be around March. You will have 7 days from when the invoice was created to pay.
Textbooks – you are not required to pay until after your order has been dispatched. You will receive an invoice when your order has been dispatched, you will then have 7 days from when the invoice was created to pay.

Can I add extra staff/students after being invoiced?

All staff accounts are gratis so we can add extra staff at any time.
We are more than happy to add additional students during the school year. Where appropriate we will send a second invoice towards the end of the year.

Can I purchase any KWL products just for myself?

We do not sell to individuals as we are a wholesaler. You can order through a parish or a school and arrange payment through that organisation, alternatively please click here for a list of resellers.

Can I purchase just for staff?

No. Access for staff is free of charge but only alongside a legitimate school order.

What consists of a legitimate KWL Digital Order?

A KWL Digital purchase must include at the very least, either,

  • An entire year level of Year Prep, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10
  • Any fraction of year 11 or 12.

We ordered last year, do you still need our data?

If you’re renewing your subscription for the following year, we’ll give you the option of ‘rolling-over’ your existing data (and supplying year 7s and new staff) or supplying us with a fresh list.

What are the prices of the KWL books?

For textbook prices please visit the products section of our website or go directly to the order form. You will be able to see how much your order costs by filling out the order form.

Will you ship / fulfill orders outside of Australia?

Print – Yes. We do ship textbooks to organisations outside of Australia. For a quote including shipping costs for textbooks please email us at support@retexts.freshdesk.com. Please note that all prices will be in AUD.
KWL Digital – Yes. We fullfil orders for KWL Digital for organisations outside of Australia.

KWL Subscriptions

Our school students purchase KWL via a Reseller. Are our student purchases via resellers auto-renewing?

No. The auto-renewal subscriptions policy only applies to schools that purchase KWL Digital directly from us (James Goold House Publications – JGHP).

Do I need to order for our school every year?

No. If your school currently has KWL Digital, your subscription will be automatically renewed each year. If your school does not currently have KWL Digital, and you wish to have it, you will need to make an initial order. You can order KWL Primary Digital here and Secondary Digital here.

What data does our school need to supply to setup the KWL Digital subscription?

Upon an initial KWL Digital order, you’ll need to supply us with a list of all subscriber accounts you need at your school for students and staff. This data needs to include:

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • School Email Address (will be used as username)
  • Year Level / ‘Staff’
  • Password (generic or unique)

When will content access be rolled over for new academic year?

Generally, we will roll-over access for the new academic year between December & January, unless your school has an alternate agreement with us. You will be notified once your school has been setup for the new academic year.

How can we add or remove the year levels of our existing subscription?

Please contact us to add to or remove KWL Digital year level access on your existing subscription by no later than November.

How can we add or remove the content that year levels have access to?

Please contact us to add or remove KWL content access for any particular year level.

How are the student numbers calculated for invoicing?

JGHP will invoice based on the number of student subscribers from your school that we have in our system. All staff access is gratis.

Does KWL Digital for Primary replace the books?

Yes. KWL Digital for Primary contains a revised version of all text from the KWL books. KWL Digital for Primary is encouraged as an alternative to the KWL Books. The artwork has had a major update. In addition to that, we’ve added audio narrations for Prep to Year 2 content, some animations & interactivity. We intend to significantly add to the interactivity – and those updates will automagically appear as we build and deploy them. KWL Digital for Primary is organic.

When does our school get invoiced?

JGHP will generally send invoices to schools in April or May of each year when student subscriber numbers have been confirmed. You may request earlier invoicing by contacting us.

When does the subscription expire?

Your KWL Digital subscription does not expire. By virtue of ordering once, your school obtains a standing order that is automatically renewed each academic year.

How can I cancel our KWL Digital subscription?

You may cancel the subscription anytime you want. You pay only for the duration of the year the subscription was active. Subscription cancellations for the following year can be made before the 15th of December of the current year without incurring any charges. Cancellation requests should be made by filling up the form here.

Is there anything our school needs to do at the start of each academic year?

Each academic year, your school needs to provide us with a list of:

  • Students and Staff to add:

All new students and/or staff who require KWL Digital access.

  • Students and Staff to remove

Students and/or staff who have left the school in the previous year, from any year level included in your existing subscription.


How do I reset my password?

  • Visit https://app.kwl.com.au in a browser or launch the app on the iPad,
  • Select “forgot my password” at the bottom of the login dialog box,
  • Enter the username associated with your account to send a reset password email,
  • Head to your inbox and locate the email from “no-reply@kwl.com.au” select “change my password” within the email,
  • Enter a new password for your account and submit.

“This account has no active subscriptions to KWL” Why am I seeing this message?

KWL Digital access is subscription based. If you are receiving this message it may be because your subscription period has ended and is yet to be renewed. If you have purchased KWL and still are receiving this message please do one of the following:

  • If your school has purchased directly with us please contact your Religious Education Leader.
  • If you purchased through a reseller, you will need to contact them directly.

What does the option to sync KWL content for offline access mean?

When using the KWL Web App via a browser, there is an option to sync the content so you can access it uninterrupted even when you are not connected to the internet. To be able to use this feature, you need to be on a compatible browser and you should give permission to the Web App to sync content when it prompts you.

Note that content synchronization can take a few minutes depending on your internet connection speeds. Once a resource has completed synchronising, you should get a small tick icon next to the year level content name on the Home screen.

Why am I not able to access the KWL content offline?

If the offline sync feature is not working for you, try the below steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Ensure that you are using one of our recommended browsers to run the KWL Web App. To get a list of recommended browsers, check our devices FAQ above. If you are on an iPad make sure you always use the KWL iPad App which is optimised for iPads.
  2. If you are using one of the recommended browsers and still do not have offline access, you may need to give the Web App permission to sync content. To do this, when you are logged in, click on the Menu button and then navigate to Settings -> Sync KWL Content for Offline Access. If the radio button is off, click on it. You will be prompted whether you want to enable syncing. Click on the “Start Syncing” button to start the sync.

Technical Information

KWL SSO Documentation

The document below contains instructions for SSO Integration with KWL Digital.

SSO Integration with KWL Digital

App URL Requirements

The document below contains URL requirements for the KWL Digital App.

KWL Digital URL Requirements

How should I display KWL on my website?

The document below contains branding guidelines for KWL. Please review the document and request any assets you require.

KWL Design Guide