KWL Digital Primary

‘To Know, Worship & Love’ KWL Digital is available now for Primary schools, offering Prep to Year 6 content.

Completely redesigned

The KWL Primary Digital project seeks to expand upon the current ‘To Know, Worship & Love’ K-6 series. Based on the existing books, KWL Primary Digital will offer schools the opportunity to project, explore and interact with content that takes advantage of the digital realm, deepening the level of student engagement.

Some of the Prep to Year 2 content has been animated, with young students narrating the audio, which can be disabled. We’ve introduced some interactivity also in the years 3 to 6 content. All of the artwork has been updated. We will continue to update the animated and interactive components of the content heavily, and those updates will automagically appear on your devices.

Armed with a team of writers & collaborators with over 100 years of collective experience in Catholic education, we’re adding audio of both students and adults reading prayers and scripture. Where warranted, video is also being used. We’re also including animations, touch and swipe interactivity and other fun and visually interesting presentations of content. Any text used is being closely scrutinised with an EAL (English as an Additional Language) lense, in consideration for those students with ethnic backgrounds.